Location is a general purpose NGR, Lat/Long locator (and even the old QRA) conversion utility;  including a distance and bearing calculator.  8 digit locators (see the Nov 1991 Microwave Newsletter and subsequent RadCom) are supplied as standard, but either 6 or 8 or 10 digit ones may be entered.  10 digit locators eg IO90IV58EI are generated where accuracy allows; whether these ever come into common usage (18 metre accuracy) remains to be seen, but some GPS systems do give 10 digit Maidenhead locators as an option. Note that no other programs on this disc make use of or will accept 10 digit locators.
NGRs may be entered in any form or precision (eg SU4990512575 or su 499 126  or  SU 49).  Lat /Long may be entered in (nearly) any form.  See the online help (F1) for more information.
All Lat/Long to/from NGR routines use the EXACT Ordnance Survey equations for very high accuracy, but note that other programs on this disc use the less accurate routines given in the Microwave Handbook; these however are still accurate to better than 25m in the central UK.
The site database SITES.DAT can be called up for named locations, and this can be scrolled through to find the wanted site, again see the online help.


Screenshot of LOCATION.EXE from Yes Tor, Dartmoor:-

Screenshot of Location.exe from Yes Tor, Dartmoor