Plots a colour - height map of a square centred on a given location.  Square sizes of 20 - 240 km may be entered, location may be specified in any of the three forms as given above.

The mouse cursor may be moved within the square to read off spot heights, distance and bearing from the centre reference but this is generated by the Pythagorus on NGRs method (as it in in all the height programs) and its accuracy should not be implicitly believed.  (If distance and bearing are accurately needed use LOCATION or SITECALC)

By typing "T"  TERRAIN is invoked to plot the path between the reference point and location specified by the cursor.  Exit from TERRAIN back to the calling program is by a further click on either mouse button.

A new reference location may be set by clicking the right mouse button anywhere within the square.  Further calls to TERRAIN, plus the distance and bearing will then use this new reference. However the square is still centred on the originally entered point.

The sites in SITES.DAT can be shown on the map and by clicking the left mouse button the site nearest to the cursor will be named.

Location may be specified from the command line by starting the program for example   LOCALMAP Ben Nevis  or LOCALMAP ST260977.

Many other commands to change the colour scale, zoom etc are listed in the menu.

This is a version of LOCALMAP for VESA Bios based SVGA systems ONLY.  It generates 256 colour plots at sizes of 640x480, 600x800, 1024x768 and 1280x1000.  Only use this last mode if your monitor can support the mode, if it can't, and the SVGA card can, the monitor could do some very silly things. No mouse functions as its a very major job writing SVGA mouse routines from first principles.

I've ironed out the bugs found in previous versions of this prog that caused the plot to not page switch on some machines but this has only been fully validated on machines I have access to (later 486s and Pentiums less that two years old).  Any problems with GENUINE VESA Bios SVGA machines let me know.

Gives a coarse 256 colour height rendition which allows fine height detail to be seen. The crude graphics programming does not allow any mouse functions.


Screenshot of LOCALMAP.EXE:-

Screenshot of LOCALMAP.EXE