At this current QTH I started activities with an Altron mast and antennas for 2meters,70 cm,  23cms and 3cms shown pictured.  Later I added a 24GHz receive sytem shown below, to monitor the 24GHz beacon featured elsewhere on this site.

As activity and interests changed I have become more interested in HF and the mm bands, so in 2021 after problems with my 30 year old rotator I decided to "decomission" the mast and associated antennas although retaining indoor antennas for 2m and 70cms and an outdoor doublet for HF.
The operator using the home-brew HF rigm circa 2000.

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The Station
The station  is located at Barton on Sea, Hampshire located close to the New Forest at locator IO90ER07 and WAB square SZ29.
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Tilly the 16 year old rescued station cat