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A Vehicle Mounted Portable Antenna Mast
Often when one operates from a portable site it is not always convenient to erect an antenna mast for the 2m talkback link without a large amount of mast guying or finding a convenient fence pole to tie the mast to. I devised the following scheme to attach the mast to the car wheel which forms a good anchor point for a mast of reasonable height.
The following photograph shows the wheel fixing using two engineers G clamps. These hook through the wheel rim holes and anchor the wooden baton firmly against the wheel and tyre via two additional pieces of hardwood, screwed like "wings" to the baton. Attached to this baton is a single length of commonly available mast tubing with swaged over ends to allow further sections to be added.
The mast quite easily supports an 8 element 2 meter yagi in moderate wind speeds.