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My Bio

My interest in radio started as a young boy watching my Father playing around with Crystal sets and various valve receivers, helping out by going down to the local radio shop to get the lead acid accumulators full of acid to be recharged. (Health and Safety?)

A Short Wave Listener (BRS 36001) for many years. Callsigns:- GW6TMR - GW4VMF - G4VMF

I was a Radio/Teleprinter Op in the Royal Signals 14th COMCAN Signal Regt.

I've been a member of the "Highfields Radio Amateur Radio Club" whilst on a posting to Cardiff.

The "Exmouth Amateur Radio Club" whilst living in Devon and now a member of the

"Hereford Amateur Radio Society"

I am active on the WAB Net and most Data Modes HF/FM/RTTY/PSK/SSTV

Since moving to Hereford and the lack of space in a Mews located QTH, I am restricted on Antenna Space so the odd DX is welcome.







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