Page last updated: 03/05/2013

Component tester parts list


Complete parts listing for the Components tester


  • R1      1k
  • R2      1k
  • R3      1k

all fixed resistors w carbon composition.



  • LED1    5mm Red LED
  • D1        1N4001 silicon diode
  • TR1      240v : 12v 5VA transformer
  • Connector - Mains IEC chassis mounting socket including fuse holder
  • Connector - 2x BNC chassis mounting sockets
  • Connector - 3x 4mm Banana chassis mounting sockets
  • Switch (Mains rated SPST, better still DPST and switch both L & N)
  • Enclosure to suit
  • connection wire
  • IEC mains power cable
  • 2x BNC to BNC cable
  • 3x multi-meter style test leads (1x Red, 1x Black, 1x Yellow)