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Obtaining a copy of RSPduoEME

RSPduoEME Latest Version: 1.31

The RSPduoEME software has been written for the benefit of Amateur Radio and is free for Amateur Radio and scientific use for non profit making purposes. The Qt source code is available on GitHub along with the User Instructions, Arduino Sketch, and Zip file containing the executable package. The files can be downloaded via the GitHub Code button as a Zip file containing all the project files, the executable package is a Zip file within the project which contains the necessary Qt DLL’s and RSPduoEME.exe. The executable package needs extracting into a new directory from which the application is run. If you have difficulty downloading the files please let me know. If you do use the software I would appreciate that you complete the form below so that you can be add to the users list and kept informed of any future developments. If you have any comments or feedback please let me know by e-mail [email protected] or completing the form below.

Link to Download RSPduoEME on GitHub 



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