The following list has been collated from various sources. Where I have more details and/or heard/saw the station, clicking on the entry will bring up the details/log. The list may include non-operational stations or frequencies that have been allocated but not used. If you have any information to add please let me know so that I can keep the list up to date.

Frequencies below 10 kHz are not allocated by the ITU, but there are a number of transmissions below these frequencies. However I cannot confirm any at present, still working on it. For a good source of information see Rennato Romero's web page: http://www.vlf.it
Frequency in kHz Station
10.2 LEA, Bratland, Norway 
11.05  LEA, Bratland, Norway 
11.33  LEA, Bratland, Norway 
11.905  RSDN-20, Alpha Primary
12.1  LEA, Bratland, Norway 
12.6490625  RSDN-20, Alpha Primary
13.6  LEA, Bratland, Norway 
14.29  SOA201, Warsaw 
14.3  UBE2, Petropavlosk Kam/Preobrazhenskoye 
14.5  HWU, Le Blanc 
14.6  UVA, Batumi, Georgia 
14.7  NAA Cutler
14.88125  RSDN-20, Alpha Primary
15.0  UIK, Vladivostok 
15.1  HWU, Le Blanc, France 
15.5  NAA Cutler
15.6  UVA202, Odessa, Ukraine 
15.625  TV Line Oscillator 
15.975  GBR, Rugby, UK 
16.2  UGK, Kaliningrad, Russia 
16.4  DMA, Mainflingen 
16.5 SOA301, Warsaw 
16.8  FTA2, St. Assise, France 
17.1 UMS, Moscow 
17.2 SAQ, Grimeton, Sweden 
17.55 HWU, Le Blanc, France 
17.6  JXZ, Helgeland, Norway 
17.6 SOA401, Warsaw 
17.8 NSS, Washington, DC, USA 
17.9 UBE2, Petropavlosk, Kam, Russia 
18.1 RDL, Russian Navy, Krasnodar 
18.2 VTX3, India 
18.3 HWU, Le Blanc, France 
18.48 Unknown carrier sometimes (heard 29.11.00) 
18.5 Antalya, Turkey 
18.5 DHO35, Burlage 
18.6 NAA, Cutler, USA 
18.9 UMB, Rostov , Russia 
19.0 GQD, Anthorn, UK 
19.6 GBZ, Criggion, UK 
19.7 UGE, Archangel weak G7D modulation 
19.8 TBA, Antalya, Turkey 
20 WWV, Boulder, Colorado 
20.27 ICV, Tavolara, Italy, G7D modulation heard 
20.5  RJH63, Krasnodar, Russia, Beta time signal
20.76  ICV, Tavolara, Italy 
20.9 HWU, Le Blanc 
21.05 HWU, Le Blanc 
21.22  GQD/GBZ/GBC
21.4 NSS, Maine, USA 
21.6 HWS, St. Assise, France 
21.75 HWU, Le Blanc, France 
21.8 TBA, Antalya, Turkey 
22.3 NAA, Cutler, USA 
22.35  NAD, NAA, NAH 
22.6 HWU, Le Blanc, France 
22.6  GBR
23.0  Beta Time Signal
23.0 UFQE, UIT, RFG Russia 
23.3 RQE5, Russia 
23.4 DHO/DH038, Ramsloh/Rhauderfehn, Germany 
23.4 NPM, Lualualei, USA 
24 NAA Maine 
24 NSS Maryland 
24.025 NSS
24.075 unknown carrier 
24.3 RTF6, Sarpa, Russia 
24.8 NLK, Seattle, USA 
25.0 RJH63, Krasnodar, Russia, Beta Time Signal
25.1 RJH77, Krasnodar, Russia, Beta Time Signal
25.5 RJH77, Krasnodar, Russia, Beta Time Signal
25.22 weak G7D modulation 
25.3  NAA
25.7 RFR6, Pionyer Sovxoz, Russia 
25.82 NAA,NSS,NAH 
26.7 TBB, Bafa, Turkey 
27 FTA27, St. Assise, France 
27 RCV, Rostov on Don, Russia 
28.0 DHO36, Burlage, Germany 
28.5 NAU, Aquada, Puerto Rico 
28.64 RAM, Moscow, Russia 
29 HWU, Rosnay, France 
30 UNW3, RRN21, UGK2, Kaliningrad