Military Wireless in the Midlands

WELCOME, MILITARY SETS and bits for sale then.....

I would also be interested in 'trading' any item on the suplus list for other military related items you may have

WANTED: B2 tx and rx supply plugs, any condition, also B2 coils, psu, spares box and drop case. also: any early type military wireless sets, T1082, T1084 any clandestine type sets, etc.

All prices are in Pounds Sterling plus postage. Will also take swap or exchange for military sets or military equipment.

Please, look at the Items on the WANTED page

Do get in touch if you have any military sets to dispose of, I can collect or am willing to pay postage etc, whichever is the easiest. Even if I have a nice example already in the collection I may still know of someone else who is looking for such. It all helps in this often difficult world of collecting.

Send an e-mail to: Ben Nock, G4BXD
(If link does not work on your PC then send email to: [email protected] )

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