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Things done and things yet to do. If you can help with any info, I'd be most obliged


Plug, or rather inline socket, to fit this Plessey item. 25 pin, aluminium, fine thread CZ4922G.

SARAM 3-10 items wanted, rx rotary, BOX 5 below

AND: SARAM 5-21 circuit diagrams etc.

ALSO ... Any military sets, whatever Country, Service etc, always interested in any Clandestine, Spy or Special Forces sets, would also like to get examples of the following:

T1083.....ART-13 sets...

B2 supply plugs, psu, spares box and drop case.... supply plugs for Torn B ...

Headphone plugs for E10K rx....

I would like to complete my R-45/ARR-7 set-up so need the following:

Power Unit PP-32/AR
Mounting base MT-171/U
Mounting base MT-167/U

lead; RX to PSU, lead; ac supply PSU and chassis mounted plug for rx, 6 pin

So do get in touch if you have any military sets to dispose of, I can collect or am willing to pay postage etc, whichever is the easiest. Even if I have a nice example already in the collection I may still know of someone else who is looking for such. It all helps in this often difficult world of collecting.

Send an e-mail to: Ben Nock, G4BXD
(If link does not work on your PC then send email to: [email protected] )


Solid State Vibrator replacement.

This circuit replaces most non sync vibrators, for sync types you just need to add diodes to do the job of the rectifying pins on the vib.
The first picture is the circuit, for either a positive or negative fed transformer. The next picture is of a trial on the R2 6v rx.
ssvib ssvib1
ssvib2 ssvib3
The scope trace is the collector waveform. The finished item is next, this slides into the old vib case.

Simple (real simple!) 24V Battery Charger for Racal etc

A main problem with the Racal series of sets is that some need a 24v supply. Most have batteries and though its easy to get replacement D cells to renew old batteries the Racal chargers are not so common. One simple solution is used here. Take a standard wall mounted battery eliminator, find a 12v one rated at about 1 Amp, and with slight modification it can be used to charge the 24v units. The original circuit is given below.
racala racalb
The moddified circuit is now given. Break open the moulded plastic case by cutting with a Stanly knife and remove the existing diodes and caps etc. A voltage doubler circuit is used and once the unit is resealed, with super glue, it makes a nice compact charger. The original lead probably had a miniature plug on the end. I replaced this with a pair of croc clips so that I can quickly clip the charger onto any of the various 24v batteries here. The diodes are 1N4007 and the caps can be anything, but equal, say 2200uf at 35V.
Of course the charger is not regulated. I would suggest you give all the batteries a good charge off a regulated supply, if they are 1700mA D cells then charge at 170mA for 16 hour, then use the simple charger when on holiday say just to top up the batteries as you use them. You could of course squeeze in a regulator circuit into the wall charger if you want.

Projects presently on the go here:

Restoration of a G and H2S station.

So far, I have the G and H2S indicators, some psu's and the rotating head of the scanner unit. If anyone has any info on the Type 51 I would welcome a copy. Also, circuits for the 182 H2S and the Type 62 and 95 Indicators for G.

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