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Military Radio Operators at:-


Here below are listed the frequencies of Some european Domestic nets:

F : 3665 KHz AM  Sat. from   8:30 Z  - F5OTG.
      7095 KHz  LSB  Sat. from 10:30 Z

PA : 3705 KHz AM/USB  Sun.  from 09:00 Z
         3575 KHz CW  Sun. from  08:15 Z - PI4SRS

G : 3577 KHz CW  Sun. from 09:30  to 11:30 Z.
       3625 KHz AM/SSB  Working days from 12:00 to 13:00  Z.
       3625 KHz AM/SSB  Weekends, Sat, from 09:30 to 11:00  Z.

I :    3745 KHz  USB  Wed. and Fry.  20:30 Z
        3745 KHz  USB / AM  Sun.  from  08:30 Z
        7045 KHz LSB  Sat.  from 13:30 Z

D :   3664 KHz  USB  After 18:00 (No particular day)

D :  Military Radio Rund club
Every Tuesday, 20:00 Uhr(local) or 18UTC, QRG:3678 kHz+/- qrm;
unequal weeks: J3E straight weeks: A2J

VK : 7125 KHz AM  Wed/Sat. from 08:30  to 09:30 local
       2230-2330 Tue/Fri UK time   
       VK4BA  Net Control, Brisbane, Queensland 

If you know other QRG where there is  a regular activity please let me know. Special request is for VE, W, ZL, ZS areas


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There are many other sites across the web, too many to mention, simply use your browser with a search on military collection etc and you'll find many related sites. There are a few that I would not bother to mention, they don't mention my site so I think thats fair !! hi hi (a well known UK club for instance !) but I'm sure you'll find them all.  

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