Tyneside Amateur Radio Society (T.A.R.S.)    G3ZQM

Welcome to the Home Page of the Tyneside Amateur Radio Society

The Society meets regularly on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 p.m. at

200b Heaton Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne.

The meeting room is on the first floor - just go up the stairs and we are on the left. We are often on the air under the Society call G3ZQM from the shack which is situated on the upper floor together with the workshop. New members or visitors are always welcome and we will look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings.

A few words about the Society...

The Tyneside Amateur Radio Society has its roots amongst the earliest amateur radio organisations in the United Kingdom. The Newcastle Wireless Society was founded in 1913 (The Radio Society of Great Britain was founded in 1912) and met regularly at Ridley Place in the centre of Newcastle. This was in the earliest days when spark transmitters were still around !  Not much record remains of those days, but it is known that it moved to more spacious quarters in Jesmond Road, a little way out of the city centre, where it remained until the outbreak of World War II. All amateur activity ceased for the duration of the war, but the Society recommenced operations a few years after hostilities ceased and became a very successsful organisation. For many years, it operated out of the Community Centre at Wallsend, but eventually had to find a new home when re-development of the site took place.

During subsequent years the Society operated out of various locations until it settled in its present home in Heaton.  Here we have a comfortable meeting room together with a shack for operation and an adjacent work-room which is gradually being equipped with test gear and items to assist members to maintain their equipment or perhaps even do some light construction.

Some Society activities...

During weekly meetings, there are usually members present who are able to advise or assist others, beginners particularly, with problems over their amateur radio activity. Support for those wishing to study for the Radio Amateurs' Examination is readily available, and tuition can be given for anyone wishing to learn or improve their morse proficiency. The Society has equipment for operation on the HF bands and VHF; this is available to any member who holds an appropriate licence and of course, supervised operation can take place for those whose personal licence does not allow operation on particular bands.

Not all activity is tied to the Society shack; over the years, various external events have taken place such as Special Event Stations, Field Days and for many years the Society sustained an Annual Rally. While some of these are rather less popular these days, there are always possibilities in which members can participate. Have a look at the picture gallery to get an idea.

Alternatively, if you've just arrived here directly, there's a great deal more about amateur radio on the web and here are a few links you might like to look at.

If you'd like to learn more or get involved, just come along to one of our weekly meetings where you can talk to other members and see for yourself. Annual membership of the Society is only 10 and a small charge is requested for attendance at the weekly meeting. You can also find out more by e-mail if that's more convenient.

We'll look forward to hearing from you or meeting up soon.

Stuart Hill G0BEV, Chairman T.A.R.S.

Last updated September, 2005