SSTV around the World or BBC quality around the County


There is great fun to be had using SSTV Exchanging photographs or using your skills to pruduce Arty or Humorous pictures there is no need these days to rob other folks pictures for re-transmission.

Digital photography has brought endless possibility to the pictures shared with Hams Worldwide.

Just a note about the early days of SSTV. I had to apply for permission to experiment with the mode in the early 1970's. THEN I was told when you have your picture transmitting equipment working let us know and we will grant you permission. Such frustration. With postal and office delays I had to wait another couple of weeks. My equipment WAS ready when I applied.

Few stations had the ability to produce video, which was done using a flying spot scanner. I drew Testcards, Callsign, CQ and 73 cards and some Cartoons and sent them to a kind Ham in Norfolk who produced the picture files on audio cassette. All were done except for one, a drawing of a scantily clad young lady, far too risque for Norfolk. How I wish I could find that card, I cannot draw a thing to save my life, the cards were 4 inches (100mm) square boldly drawn with a felt tip pen, how near to recognisable as a human it was I can't remember.

Software MMSSTV is quite the best slow scan software, no need to try the others.

I will try to find some nostalgia pictures to include here as time goes by and some humour (well I think they're funny). sstv fun


1.3 Ghz Amateur TV transmitted using Broadcast standards and Intercarrier Sound.

The quality is as good as the analogue satelite signals and you can receive them on the domestic receivers. All you need is a surplus Analogue Satelite receiver no LNB the 1.2GHz antenna goes in the LNB socket. (beware the LNB supply voltage should be removed or a suitable aerial used).




2.4GHz WiFi Linking

The 2.4GHz Computer Linking Project Nptonhamnet

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