The Station

I cant imagine the shack without at least one computer

Ham Radio has been enhanced by the computer

Even my portable station has at least one computer for the various digimodes. Often there are four machines running in my shack each handling some communications task on one band or other. A fast pentium III machine is sufficient for most radio tasks.

Sometimes my old Windows 95 Laptop is a bit of an embarrassment as its real time clock loses time due to the decoding overheads of some modes. But hey its not worth much so I don't loose much sleep when its out portable.

operating desk

The main operating position and the KENWOOD rigs.

The KENWOOD pair

The TS790 and TS870 are getting on now but still give superb performance. The TS790E has the 23cm module fitted. Recently I did the mod and made it a TS790A, this in fact gave it a new lease of life as the E model has no CTCSS enabled.


The computer in the photo was a red hot gaming machine in 1999 which means it has not fallen behind too far in performance. Unlike my other Desktop which was a High Street junk heap of the same era. Incapable of turning round a 1.2 M pixel photo until I worked on it. It is interesting to see that ALL the High Street sheds are still doing the same i.e. downgrading performance even of known brands to sell at a lower price and larger profit.

Big shops big names big overheads so they have to fleece Joe Public.

Expansion Space




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