South Yorkshire Internet Radio Linking Project




More than 233 repeaters around the world are now connected to the IRLP project with more coming on daily. To access any of the repeaters that are connected first you need to dial the 3 digit DTMF node access number. This will be followed by a zero to turn the link on and a 1 to turn it off. For example to call McMurdo Base Antarctica dial 888X and to turn the link off dial 888X. For a full list of all nodes go to link 137

For a list of frequencies and times when the links are available in South Yorks and a full list of all the world wide nodes visit or send an sae to Ian Abel G3ZHI, 52 Hollytree Ave Maltby Rotherham Yorkshire S66 8DY

DTMF keypads are available for 2.00 each + 50 p.p.

For more information call G3ZHI 01709 799911  [email protected]

If you need help call the node owner on the link frequency and he will be able to help you. Please check first that the link is not being used.

     SY link frequencies 145.2875 145.3375 434.475 431.225 431.075 431.200

Please give you callsign before sending DTMF tones on the IRLP link frequency.

For a list of all the 233 nodes on the system




There are now 360 repeaters around the world available on dial up using irlp.

You need the list of their 3 digit numbers to be able to call any them. The list is on my web site or send me an sae and I will put the list in the post.

When you hear the repeaters voice announcement that the link is 'on' just make a short cq and give your callsign and qth.

If you are passing through South Yorkshire you are welcome to try the system.

Times of operation vary.

Try the channel to see if the node is operational.

Why not link your repeater to the irlp system- we need more repeaters linked in the UK and Europe.

The irlp is easy to install but it does run under linux red hat 6.1 which is fairly straight forward to install (speaking as some who knew nothing about linux before we started on the project) and then you need an irlp interface board which costs about 50 pounds from canada.

The South Yorkshire Internet Radio Linking Group will help you to install the irlp system and get going. Contact G4BVV

DTMF diallers are availble for 2 plus p&p from the South Yorks irlp Group- Contact G3ZHI .

Maybe one day all repeaters in the world will be linked to the system and you will be able to dial up any repeater in the world

I do give talks on internet linking to radio clubs any where in the world over the internet - if you would like me to give a talk to your radio club please call me.

You can listen 'live' on the net 24 hrs a day to an irlp node by following the links on the irlp web page.

You can also see where any node is connected to in 'real time' by viewing the irlp status page.

For more info check my web site or phone the node owner


United Kingdom Internet Radio Linking Group


5100 Simplex Sheffield G4CUI 431.150 Infrequent

5120 Simplex Sheffield M1ERS 434.475 7 x 24

5130 Repeater (GB3DV) Maltby G4BVV 433.025 1000 to 2000

5140 Simplex Mexborough G0FUO 431.200 7 x 24

5150 Repeater (GB3US) Sheffield G8CUI 433.000 7 x 24

5200 Simplex Rotherham G4NJI 145.2875 7 x 24

5210 Simplex Burnley G8UVE 145.2875 1000 to 2359

5220 Simplex Southport G4EID 431.200 24 x 7

5400 Simplex Manchester G0XEL 430.900 24 x7

550 0Simplex  Scotland          MM1BHO  Daily


  New Nodes In Planning Stage


Unknown Repeater (GB3LV) London G1CAY 431.050

Unknown unknown Melton Mowbray Unknown Unknown

Unknown Simplex Edinburgh GM1GES Unknown Unknown


If you are planning an IRLP node please let us know and we will add you to the list, if you have any fears about linux

Then please contact us and we will give you full backup – No prior knowledge of linux is required to install an IRLP node - we will supply you a with step by step installation guide.

The full World wide list of IRLP nodes is available from this can be downloaded and printed

To access an IRLP node enter the three digit dtmf code followed by a 0 (zero)

To disconnect from the node enter the same three digit dtmf code followed by a 1 (one)