G3VGR Amateur Radio Projects      

I am a Radio Amateur, not an Amateur Radio Operator.  Ham Radio is a technical hobby and I enjoy experimenting and building equipment, more so than actually operating. Whilst it is not really viable for most hams to build a complex transceiver to compete with a FT1000MP, station accessories are another matter. Most simple accessories are very expensive, considering the parts count involved and can be easily built at home. Whenever I go to hamfests, I'm amused to see people paying high prices for items such as a readymade G5RV antenna, as if it was a wonderous technological product.

I became interested in QRP because it is very easy to build simple transceivers and useful station accessories both cheaply and quickly. However, one discovers that it's all too easy to end up with too many power supplies and ATUs!

PSU/Battery Charger 3A Power Supply Z-Match 1A Power Supply Z-Match Z-Match 20m ATU 20/40m ATU K1EL Keyer AT11 Remote Head SWR Meter PSU/Charger

  1.  Internal Balun Mod for LDG QRP Tuner
  2.  Remote tuning with the LDG AT-11 Tuner
  3.  Portable end-fed antenna and tuner
  4.  Simple Icom CI-V Interface
  5.  Simple Icom Tune Device
  6.  Winkey electronic keyer
  7.  USB CI-V and Winkey Interface
  8.  Single Coil Z-Match Coupler
  9.  Adjusting the Icom IC735 for QRP Operation
  10.  Homemade QSL cards
  11.  Cable modification for Palm Mini-paddle
  12.  Software Defined Radio
  13.  Effective SSB Modification for the Elecraft K2
  1.  HTML Help file of G3YCC Website (9.3Mb)
  2.  HTML Help file of AR-Cluster User Manual (173Kb)