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The Society hold three amateur radio callsigns - G3UES for HF, G7EAR for VHF and G2HS for the 'Echelford DX Group'.

An HF (Top-Band) SSB net is held on 1.979 MHz +/- QRM on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. local time. This net is often preceded by some CW, usually courtesy of Pat, M0AAC. Anyone who cares to join in will be made most welcome.

A VHF net is held on Sunday evenings at 9 p.m. local time, the controller calling 'CQ Echelford' on the VHF calling frequency V-40 (S-20 as we used to know it) on 145.500 MHz. The controller will then QSY to an announced frequency (often 145.325 MHz), chosen at the time according to band occupancy. Call-in will then be conducted on this frequency, not V-40.

A further net takes place on Wednesday mornings, as a pre-cursor to a social gathering of the CWAS - the CW Appreciation Society - at a local hostelry for a lunch-time noggin or two! The 'on-air' part of this arrangement starts at around 10:00 with some CW on 3.610 MHz +/- QRM then changes to SSB at 11:00. The 'in-pub' part starts at 12 noon at various venues, which are published in the Society's newsletter and on this website, and which are confirmed in the 'on-air' net.

A 40-metre 'DX' net, designed to make contact with our country members, takes place on Tuesday afternoon at 15:00 local between approximately 7.180 and 7.190 MHz, and if that fails, there is often another attempt at 16:00 local. Geoff - GI0LAM is a regular attendee, and Dave - G4AFQ pops up from time to time. As 40m has been pretty useless of late, we often try 5 MHz USB,  5.379 MHz being a favourite frequency.  Remember it's USB - and 100 watts max power on the 5 MHz band.

More recently, a CW practice net has evolved - see elsewhere for details.

Nets Summary

 Day Time (local) Nominal Frequency & Mode Purpose
 Sunday 10 am  1.979 SSB  Sunday morning top-band net
 Sunday 9 pm  145.500 FM then 145.325 usually  Sunday evening 2m net
 Tuesday 3 pm  7.180 - 7.190 SSB  40 m DX members net
 Wednesday 11 am  3.610 SSB  CWAS
 Tuesday 8 pm above 1.979 MHz on topband  CW Practice


Net Controllers should remind participants to pause for 3 seconds before each over, to enable better management of the net.

If you are the scheduled controller but can't make your date, please arrange cover with someone else.
If you'd like to become a Net Controller, please contact any member of the Committee.

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