Temperature Controller


A simple temperature controlled enclosure for module testing is shown on the right with the door open.

So far I have managed to achieve a stable temperature of +59C with the existing 50W heater.

Since this photo was taken a layer of insulation and the freezer block tray have been installed. The box now heats up about twice as fast and reaches 40C from room temperature in about 30 minutes.

The compartment holding the control electronics on the right hand side is isolated from the circulating air and ventilated to the outside air.

A clear plastic cover protects the user from contact with the heater and over-temperature cutout in the compartment to the left of the blue front panel. Out of sight at top left in this photo is a Rototherm mechanical thermometer used for calibration purposes.

The foam rubber around the door is sufficiently soft to allow room for a few thin connecting leads from the module under test to the external test equipment when the door is closed. An alternative would be a small hole in the outer wood case with foam rubber packing to allow space for connecting leads.