Bass Guitar


Having made myself a (very scruffy) bass guitar in my teens I decided that it was time for something better in my retirement. I had a ready made bass neck in store that was bought many years ago so set about making everything else by hand. The finished result is shown below. The body is made from Iroka and routed to take the electronics and neck, the plastic decorative part is 3mm thick white acrylic. The body was stained in mahogany red, followed with six coats of a two pack cold curing plastic lacquer which was rubbed down, polished and then burnished to a high gloss.

I made the bridge from mild steel which was then nickel plated and obtained the string supports and adjusters from an old bridge which was too large for this instrument. The other chrome fittings were purchased online from a guitar parts supplier on eBay.

To keep a (very tenuous) link with amateur radio the four control knobs are from Heathkit SB line units.

The electronics are all passive with pickup selection, bass and treble tone controls and a master output level control.