G0RUZ Weak-signal DX on 50,144,432 and 1296 Mhz for the Radio Amateur



Here are a few of my favorite sites, they are all excellent resources, please inform me of any broken links.

Eme resources

Dave W5UN's 2m eme primer (all you need to get started)

The 432 and above eme operating guide

Discussion on "digital" eme notes from EME 2002 Praha

Gabriel EA6VQ's online sked list

N1BUG's  how to get started on eme

EME Newsletter for 432Mhz and up 

Eme activity logger

Ian G3SEK's moonbounce pages 

Kevin VE3KH's RX optimization and Xpol pages

VE3KH's 144Mhz high IP3 cavity preamp design

Darrell VE1ALQ's excellent moon-tracking and amp info

Damien F4AZF's eme antenna photograph archive

6m indispensable sites!

The UK Six Meter Group (archives, announcements, links) 

NA1CW's 6m Chat Page (a truly great resource)

PA1SIX's excellent propagation pages

2m resources

Make more Miles on VHF (MS, Dxpeditions, email listings)

144Mhz & Above News by Derek G0NFA 

Technical Stuff

G3SEK's technical notebook (triode &tetrode boards)

WD7S's QRO and amplifier page (This guy is THE master)

SM5BSZ's Equipment for cutting edge VHF Dx

ND2X's an excellent resource for PA's using Russian tubes

Sources of PA Components

Tom WA8WZG for Eimac tubes and RF components

CT Ham Radio devices (tubes from UT7CT very reliable) 



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