DJ9BV 3dB couplers

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DJ9BV 3dB couplers

In Dubus 4/94 Rainer DJ9BV published a design for a high power quadrature hybrid for 1.3 Ghz. These hybrids can be used to create circular polarisation with a simple VE4MA type dish feed for 23cms eme or they can be used to combine 2 or more amplifiers, the amount of amplifiers only being limited by the power handling of the final 3dB branch coupler. If you use the N types specified it is suggested that you limit this to 1kW. The critical dimensions are the case and line, I have had 30 lines cut with a laser cutter to better than 0.1mm tolerances and I am having some boxes milled from brass. All will be silver plated. The lines are available now for $33 USD each or 33 Euro, postage is $20 for up to 4 lines. I hope to have some built and tested units available in time for the Prague eme conference, these will not be cheap as there is 3 hours of milling work in each box. The original article is available here with a new drawing from Rainer who has kindly given me permission to present the work on my website, just right-click if you wish to save the pages. If anyone has any better quality scans I would like them. 

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in the lines. 

For the very latest pdf file click here.

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