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Formal Name: Overseas Department of Martinique

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Hello everyone am passioned of Slow Scan Television, and I traffic in this moment with a rig blaster for SSTV. I am using Easypal, MMSSTV,Mix Win, MMTTY, and LOGGER32. This new fashion of transmissions is enthralling and that enables me to approach all the other radio amateurs of the whole world. I have used these systems and I am entierment satisfied with the Digitals modes and of the product I have a 2 computers,one of them is dedicaced for Ham Radio is a ASUS A7V the Hard Disk Drive of 200GB for the storage of the received and transmitted images,and a color image scanner and all the Digital modes, and the other is a ACER FERRARI 5000 for my personal pleasure and job,with "Epson Perfection 1260. I create my images with the following software: Ulead photoimpact 12, XARA 3D Ulead Cool 360, Ulead Cool 3D Photoshop 8.0,and Ulead photo Express 4.0, I make. My station is a ICOM IC 7000, IC AT 180, a home made power supplies 100 Amp, ALPHA 76 A, a SP 20 speaker and the SM20 Microphone and a headphone HEIL Pro Set Plus IC. My antennas are F6GFL for 10,15,20 meters, HB9CV 2 éléments for 10 meters, COMET CA 22A for 2 meters and  a 3 elements beam home made for 6 meters and HF2V for 40, 80, meters, a mobile antenna AH2B for expedition contacts; I am using too for the local 2 meters contats a KENWOOD THF 7 handle, TR9000 in base Discover my island of insane dreams which is Martinique has through its more beautiful landscapes and its more beautiful flowers. I am originating in the Capital Fort de France and I live the industrial commun which is Lamentin, I am a professional fireman in a refinery, only with the French West Indies, SARA, fireman specialized out of Hydrocarbons, (specialist in the GRIMP) bearing service help with the people in perilous, formative medium with the gestures with the elementary gestures of survival. My hobbies is the radio naturally, Game of bowls, hunting and also tuning PC and car and the 4WD. 73 at all the stations and the pleasure of finding you on "the air" to see and exchange as beautiful images ones as the others.

My Latest TX Image 2nd last TX 3rd last TX
My latest TX Image My 2nd lastest TX image My 3rd latest TX Image
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