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2 May 2000

MA QSO Entry Sheets
Download the Full Set, or only the pages that you need. These are very small PDF Files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 3.0 & above) to read these forms. Click on the Adobe icon to visit their site & download the free reader.

Full Set (3 pages)

Summary Sheet only

Log Sheet, Page 1only

Log Sheet, Page 2 only

TRLog DAT File for the MA QSO Party

If you're a user of TRLog and want to use the program in the Massachusetts QSO Party, you need two things:
        1)  a few lines for your LOGCFG.DAT file
        2)  a DOM file that lists the (domestic) multipliers.

The details of each of these depend on whether you're in Massachusetts or outside Massachusetts (see the download section below). Please download the pair of files that's appropriate for your QTH.

You should insert the LOGCFG.DAT lines as the initial lines in your own LOGCFG.DAT file. Then the rest of that file can configure the program for the way that you ordinarily use it (radio control, keying, etc.).

Please place the DOM file (MAQSOMA.DOM or MAQSOOUT.DOM) in the same directory as the DOM files that are distributed with TRLog.

If you have questions or comments about using TRLog in the MA QSO Party, please contact Dave, K1HT ([email protected]).

For MA Stations Download these Files



For Non-MA, Download these Files