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This page serves as an introduction to the Ham Maps section of this website.
Whilst surfing around on the Internet, I soon noticed a lack of maps for hams, so decided to correct this by producing a set of my own that were easy to read, big enough to be useful, quick to download, and consistent in style and format.

Prefix Maps
If you are looking for Amateur Radio Prefix Maps, you have come to the right place! Listed below are 34 of the most comprehensive Ham Prefix Maps anywhere on the internet. And here's the best part: They are all absolutely free!! Help yourself to which ever ones you need. These prefix maps are extracted from the Global Overlay Mapper suite (more on that below) so if you like what you see, take a look at the Global Overlay Mapper demonstration, which includes Amateur Radio Prefixes plus much, much more.
If you want all the Prefix Maps, save time by downloading a zipped archive here. (1.7MB)
The Overlay and APRS maps have their own separate sections: Click here for the Overlay maps.
Click here for the APRS maps.
More maps to come ?
More maps will be added as time and resources allow. If you would like to order a similar map of a particular area for your website, or need any other graphics processing or web-design ($80/page), please contact me - details on the 'Contact' page.
I spend a lot of time creating maps and other resources for the Ham-community, all of it unpaid. If you enjoy using my maps, and would like to make a donation towards this site, please click the button below. Your donation is most welcome, and will go towards my site costs, and hardware/software upgrades.

All these items are free for private use, but cannot be sold, traded, or used commercially. All graphics have hidden bit-pattern watermarking, for future identification in case of fraud.

You can include one or more of them on your own website, with my permission.

Permission will be granted providing that :

  1. They are not edited.
  2. The (c) EI8IC logo is not removed.
  3. You tell me where they are being used.
  4. You provide a link back to this site on the same page as the map appears.

Information about linking to this site, and a number of graphics and banners that you can use, will be found HERE.

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