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Be careful when buying a telescope, some "Companies" well known in Ireland seem to charge huge prices, see link here

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Although more reasonable prices can be got here

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Andromeda Optics

Most camera shops will make a killing over Christmas, most of these telescopes are useless, do not be tempted by comments like 500x magnification, low power is far better, you will be far better off buying a good pair of binoculars, seek advice from your local club

That does not have a vested interest in selling telescopes

Largest solar flare ever recorded. 4th November 2003 at 1904 This occured on the rim of the Sun and was not Earth directed

Event..X-28..Massive Solar flare

28th October 2003.The 3rd most powerful solar flares ever recorded erupted from giant sunspot 486 at approximately 1110 UT. The X17-category explosion caused a strong and ongoing solar radiation storm.

Event..X-17..Solar flare

29th October 2003 X10 solar flare at aproximately 20.37, another very big event, also earth directed

    Event..X-10..Solar flare Solar Flares

Telescope presentation to Rev Grattan Bannister with Valerie Canty & John O Neill at Schull recently



Current Solar Data (from NOAA)

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

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