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I have Been licensed since 1984, with the call G1LBM. I was very active on the repeaters on 2 meters and 70cm due to my work at the time, as an HGV driver, at home I also set up Packet, using 2 Commerdore 64's on 2 Mts and 70 cmts. I then bought my first PC a 386 in the 1990's and got into SSTV with the program Jfax. In 1995 I moved into a flat at Harwich and this was like a faraday cage and I was not able to have any antennas up outside. I lost interest and went quite until 2014 when as a full time carer, I now had time to spend with the hobby. I have gone back to the slow scan as this mode means that I can leave it running and then return to it as and when I have the free time. I will build my station back up so that I can use all modes on bands from 80 meters to 70cm. Most of my working is mobile from our Winnebago as shown below. I now have bought a Dynscan 950P this is a quad band FM radio covering 10 Mts, 6 Mts, 2 Mts and 70 cm, this is for when I am driving also I have a quad band mobile antenna this seems to work very well.



                                                                                       Our 1988 Winnebago chieftain

At the present time we are on an Epic Tour of Europe we left the UK on the 27th May 2015 and have traveled through France and now into Spain, we traveled to Portugal in March 2016. We have found a site called Marjal Eco Camping near Crevillent Alicante on the Costa Blanca that we love, it has everything we could wish for, the weather is very warm its around 22 deg c for the winter.  We have decided to return here and stay until we consider our options, we have decided to make Spain our new home we have now got our residentsy and I now have a Spanish call as of the 10 July 2017 will be staying at Marjal, at this time we have no wish rush back to the UK.

                                                                                                    My New Hobby



I have taken up a new hobby while out here that is Suba Diving I did my first dive last week and start my course on the 9th June 17 to obtain my Padi open water  certificate can't wait for it to start will post more as I progress. Well I have completed the first 2 days and had to have a week off from diving before doing my last day of diving due to having very bad cramp at the end of the last dive on Friday this is to give the muscle chance to heal. looking into the cramp problem I have found out its due to a salt deficit in my body so I have undertaken a course of mineral enhancement to combat this I do hope this helps with the cramps. I completed my last 2 dives. These were by far the best dives so far we went down to 13 Mts and we were down for 40 minuets so I now have my Padi certificate. Now I intend to dive again at the end of July. I have now completed 8 more dives, I will start again at the end of March 2018, and hope to put some video's on this site.


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