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E3ØNA DXpedition Pictures

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antenna_2el_40m_deltaloop.jpg antenna_2el_warc.jpg antenna_2el_warc_c3.jpg
2 ele 40m Delta Loop 2 ele WARC antenna 2 ele WARC antenna (C3)
antenna_6m.jpg antenna_c3_v80.jpg antenna_farm.jpg
6m antenna The C3 and V80 The antenna farm
antenna_force_c3.jpg antenna_ta33jr.jpg asmara.jpg
Force 12 C3 TA33jr Asmara, the capitol
dj7eo.jpg dk7yy_1.jpg dk7yy_2.jpg
DJ7EO DK7YY DK7YY - again
dl5nam_2000.jpg generator_1.jpg generator_2.jpg
DL5NAM The generator Another generator picture
generator_3.jpg oe2vel_1.jpg oe2vel_2.jpg
One more generator picture OE2VEL OE2VEL - once more
power_centre.jpg qth_kelete_hotel.jpg shack.jpg
The E3ØNA power_center The Kelete_hotel - the QTH of E3ØNA The shack
View_from_the hotel
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