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Monday, Feb 11, 2002

receive QSL cards from printer and start qsling

Saturday, Nov 3, 2001
The team is save back home.
App. 30.000 contacts made ( nearly 1.000 on 6m with 57 countries ( EU, W, VE, JA, VR2, ZS6, CN, 4X, A45).
600 lbs on the way also back home.
We loost 1 notebook and 1 amplifier is broken but all op's in good condition, HI.

Online log will updated after luggage arrive ( include all PC's ); then includes also contest contacts.
Raw contest result: 7.200 QSO's = 13.4 M

Thanks to all how assist us. ACOM for a real dream machine with the Acom1000 and M2 for a masterpiece
of antenna for 6m. Over 50% of all 6m contacts are not possible without this gear !

Now we start work with our QSL printer ELLI Print. Please give us some time to answer all cards.
Planing for next Dxped to Africa ( not Eritrea ) has started and cost also time.

Tuesday, Oct 30, 2001
The team is again on a sightseeing tour in Massawa toady except for DL5NAM who keeps one station active on 10m and 6m.
Time schedule: Tomorrow will be the last day of operation! All antennas will be put down. The team leaves their QTH and returns to Asmara to stay a few more days in the well-known hotel Nyala. It will unfortunately take more time as expected to arrange the transfer of all material and equipment. Meetings at the customs, Lufthansa and with local friends are planned for Nov 1 and 2.
Logs: Some 18,000 QSO's are in the log as of Tuesday, Oct 30, 15UT. Some 550 QSO's on 6m including about 100 QSO's with North America!
Online logs:There will be no update of the online log before the operators have returned home. The online log contains only 9,000 QSOs so far.
Problems:One of the linears broke during the CQWW DX Contest.
Activity: To give you an overview of E3ØNA's activities, try http://oh2w.kolumbus.com/dxs/qin.html
CQWW Contest rumors: E3ØNA was taking part in the Multi Single category in the CQWW Phone Contest. The raw unchecked score is appr. 13,4 mio. (7,200 QSO's).
If E30ØNA could give you a new country, band or mode, please take a minute time and sign the E3ØNA guestbook. Thanks!

Thursday, Oct 25, 2001
The team was on a sightseeing tour in Asmara yesterday, so there was no activity at this time. Today and tomorrow they are still working on improving the antennas.
Online logs: the team managed to send the first log file via their local friends. The log contains appr. 9,000 QSOs (until Oct 24, 0644UT. Due to miscopied calls and typing errors, the log is not free of errors!
Problems: The local power generator is causing some interference on the low bands 160m and 80m. The hotel's power generator is producing also some voltage ground problems (appr. 400 Volt between power line and ground).

Tuesday, Oct 23, 2001
We have two bad news: due to a damaged laptop computer, there will be no online log available during the DXpedition. The team tries to find someone in the local area who has internet access. For this reason, we are also not able to present you pictures of E3ØNA now.
The other bad news is that there will also be no digital mode activity of any kind. same erason - the damaged laptop computer. We are very sorry but things happen.
50 MHz: we ask you to inform us on the HF bands about possible 6m openings because we have no dedicated extra 6m operator.

Saturday, Oct 20, 2001
E3ØNA is on the air! After a few "transmitting tests", OE2VEL started the pileups on 12m, later on 17m and the first 6m QSO's are in the log.

Marcus, DJ7EO and Falk, DK7YY arrive today which makes the team complete.

Friday, Oct 19, 2001
Everything is working as planned.
The equipment has been cleared from the customs.
Chris is picking up OE2VEL from the airport today.
Transfer to the actual QTH tomorrow, some 15km from Asmara.

Thursday, Oct 18, 2001
Date at the Ministry of Telecommunication to renew the last year's E3ØNA license
Meeting at the customs to get all equiment and antennas which were sent by cargo

Sep 1, 2001
Unfortunately, Dieter, DF4RD, cannot join the DXpedition but Markus, DJ7EO, will replace Dieter.



Appr. 10 miles SE of Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea, 15° 05' N - 38° 50' E
Grid locator: KK95GB
There is no telephone at the hotel where the team is hosted.
Power is only available from the hotel's generator.

IOTA activities:
Sorry, but there will be NO operation from any of the E3Ø islands at all! All IOTA activities had to be cancelled due to the political situation and power problems.

Time schedule:
Chris, DL5NAM arrived in Asmara Oct 17 in the evening.
Wolf, OE2VEL is arriving in Asmara Oct 18 in the evening.
Falk, DK7YY and Marcus, DJ7EO are leaving Germany on Saturday,
Oct 20.
DL5NAM, OE2VEL, DK7YY and DJ7EO are going to stay in Eritrea until Nov 3.
Planned activity until Nov 2. So don't worry if you can't break the pileups within the first days, you will still have enough time to get them on the band or mode (CW/SSB) you need them.

Expected start on Saturday or Sunday, Oct 20/21.
CQWW DX Contest Phone: E3ØNA is participating in the CQWW Phone Contest in the M/S category.
Digitale modes: the laptop designated for the digitale modes is damaged, so there will be unfortunately no activity on RTTY, PSK31, etc. We are sorry!
50 MHz: we are again active on 6m. We ask you to inform us on the HF bands about possible 6m openings because we have no dedicated extra 6m operator.

Usual DX frequencies on 160m to 6m

Sorry... but we (DF3CB and DF4RD) are not able to arrange any kind of skeds for E3ØNA.

We have three stations: an IC-735, IC-756PRO and one FT-1000MP Mark V plus three linears (2 x FL2100 and one ACOM 1000) . Antennas: Force 12 C3, TA3 Junior, a homebrew WARC beam, a Titanex V80E, a HF9, different wire yagis and several low band antennas.

Online Log
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Due to a damaged laptop computer, there will be no online log available during the DXpedition. Please QRX - all data will be transfered to the web server as quickly as possible.

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