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Chris, DL5NAM, "We are going to do it again!" After a very successful trip last year as E3ØTA, he will go again this year as E3ØNA to Eritrea between October 17 and November 3, 2001.

Last year he got many emails with questions for the low bands and CW. So they will double their team for this year to include Chris DL5NAM, Markus DJ7EO, Wolf OE2VEL and Falk DK7YY.

The exact QTH has been determined at country side top of a hill. Close to the capital Asmara.

The group must again pay $500 (US) for each license. At the moment they have no big sponsors, as they have been told this is not rare enough.

Anyone who can help support this operation is asked to please contact team leader Chris, DL5NAM, by e-mail to [email protected].

The emphasis this year will be for more North America, Asia, and the lowbands.

Chris, DL5NAM, works SSB and 6m
Markus, DJ7EO, works SSB
Wolf, OE2VEL, likes the low bands (SSB and CW)
Falk, DK7YY, prefers the low bands (CW).

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Online Log

An online log of the DXpediton is available on the News page.

QSL Information
Please note the new address! QSLs prefered direct with SASE.

The QSL information for E3ØNA is direct to:

Chris Sauvageot
Guttenburg 19
D-91322 Graefenberg

Any donation is welcome and help us for our dxpedition and next dxped!

Please remember: postage within EU = 2US$ or 1EU, none EU = 3US$ and a SAE
Please do not send LIRA, RUBEL any other currency. We have same problems with IRC's.
( please check: send only left stamped IRC and dont send your 1,05$ IRC'S: receive last week a US IRC with 35 cent and one from JA ( dated: 1970)

Till now: app. 200 letter with wrong postage or no SAE - thanks for donation !


- Our last year's web page of E3ØTA: http://www.qsl.net/e30ta
- More info on E3ØTA and Eritrea: BCC E30TA page
Bavarian Contest Club BCC

We would like to say a big thank you to all sponsors who support our DXpedition:

A dream machine for dxped's. 1 KW from 160m - 6m !
Thanks for this great amplfier. I wish i had more of this "machine". Chris DL5NAM



They print for you QSL cards of moderate price and high quality and offer photo quality of all-coloured printing and apparently gloss lamino. Opposite side is printed in two colours. No given patterns - design in accordance with your wish ! With worldwide service! Check now!

Do you know www.qsl.net for QSL infos? Then you have to try www.qsl.cz for QSL cards info!


M² Antennas and Positioners, and one of the best 6m antennas.
First time that we use a M2 antenna on dxped. First time that we work W, VE and JA from Africa - Chris DL5NAM



The C3 beats all our other antennas ! I am happy to have these antenna in my equipment - Chris DL5NAM
Point of sales for EU: www.force12.de


BV - QSL Management and Label Printing by DF3CB - it's Freeware !



The Daily DX - is a text DX bulletin that can be sent via e-mail to your home or office Monday through Friday and includes DX news, IOTA news, QSN reports, QSL information, a DX Calendar, propagation forecast and much, much more. With a subscription to The Daily DX you will also receive DX news flashes and other interesting DX tidbits.



Fred, G4BWP

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