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Create my amateur radio web page using HTML only - without gimmicks and gadgets slowing down your browser. Any machine (Atari, Mac, PC, or whatsoever workstation) should be able to read this page - even the so-called "obsoletes" with a small and monochrome screen like MacClassic or AtariST. This implies that my site isn't so colourful as you may be acustomed to, but it will be reasonably good looking even viewed as a grey-scale picture.


Develop a site for navigating through useful information: For the future I'm planning to post here additional information dealing with practical projects I'm working on. Recently I designed a Morse-code driven user interface for microcontroller-based applications, used with a DDS-controlled VFO for a shortwave receiver and transmitter (DDS = Direct Digital Synthesis, AD9850).

Personal Preferences

Mostly I prefer using Morse telegraphy (CW) on the shortwave bands, especially with simple homebrew gear. I like to work on the 18MHz band with low power output (QRP).


This section is experimental and shows links to additional information and websites.

Technical Stuff

[Explanation of technical and scientific acronyms] - [Zipped 73KB]
(212KB Text, ISO-8859-1, updated 2008-11-25)

[Interlink A1] [Interlink D2] [Interlink G3] [Interlink R5]
(Just for fun)
FCL Gate


The Electron Tubes and Valves Section

[The Electron Tube and Valve Charts]
Transmitting and Receiving Tubes
(Introducing my HTML online tube database. Additional stuff will be added continuously and on request - last update 2008-11-25)
Opinions much appreciated

Get the complete stuff: [Download Tube Archive]
(for offline reading - zipped about 10MB - updated 2008-11-25)

For better performance please use the European mirror: 'The Art of Radio'.

If you are looking for original tube & valve data sheets: Frank Philipse is providing an excellent database to the web community:
[Frank's Electron-Tube Pages]
(the most comprehensive source on the Web)

This is the end of my playground.


If you want to drop me a mail, try this.
Feel free to give me some hints, because English isn't my native tongue.

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