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Klaus Finkenzeller

Since 1980 I'm a licensed radio-amateur with the call sign DL5MCC. I'm located in Munich (QTH: JN 58 RD) in the south of Germany, where from I'm QRV on local VHF/UHF frequencies.

An early project in the 1980’s was the Multi-duplex-transponder DB0UV. The "Multi-duplex-transponder" DB0UV is a worldwide unique repeater, enabling a full-duplex contact between a couple of stations at one time. For more details have a look at: “DB0UV

In the year 2000 I stayed in China for 3 months on a business trip. At this time I had the opportunity to operate a few Chinese club-stations several times. For more details have a look at: “QRV in China

I am member of the following amateur-radio associations:
Mitglied folgender Amateurfunkverbände:

Eisenbahnfunkamateure-München (EFA) eine Gruppe von Funkamateuren im Eisenbahn- oder öffentlichen Dienst.

DARC-Ortsverband C32 – Ismaning. Die Clubstation DL0ISM des OV C32 befindet sich in der Spitze des Ismaniger Wasserturmes (Bild).
DARC (German Amateur Radio Club), local group C32 – Ismaning. Our Clubstation is located at the top of this tower in the small village Ismaning nearby munich.


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