How to install the PortTalk driver permanently
(to run WinPic under Win XP with a user account)

This document describes how to install Craig Peacock's PortTalk driver under Windows XP.

Under Windows XP (etc), you may want run WinPic with a user account later. But to install the PortTalk driver, you need a administrator rights. The driver only needs to be installed once (with an admin account), but it can be used later with a user account.

More up-to-date information about PortTalk can be found on the PortTalk website (look for the chapter "Starting and installing the driver"). The following text describes how I (the author of WinPic) installed the PortTalk driver under Windows XP in November 2005.


To install the PortTalk driver :

  1. Boot your PC with administrator privileges
  2. Copy the PORTTALK.SYS to your /system32/drivers directory.
  3. Click on the PORTTALK.REG file to load the required registry keys.
    (for reference, the contents of PORTTALK.REG are listed in the appendix, and a Regedit screenshot after the successful installation)
  4. Reboot the computer (this time with a normal user account).
  5. Start WinPic (with "I/O Port Access Driver" set to "use Port Talk").

If the PortTalk installation was successfull, WinPic can access your PIC programmer on the serial or parallel port now. If not, you will get an error messages like the following:

If everything failed, don't despair ... use WinPic with admin rights. This is better than not being able to program PICs at all ;-)

Contents of PORTTALK.REG

PORTTALK.REG can be downloaded from the PortTalk website. It is basically a text file, which can be processed by the Windows Registry editor to add a few entries to the registry. It looked like this (in November 2005):



After double-clicking PORTTALK.REG, you can check if the contents are really copied into the windows registry (it will fail if you have no administrator rights). To check, open regedit, and look into
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ... SYSTEM ... CurrentControlSet ... Services .

You should see at least the four subkey values which were added by PORTTALK.REG .


Author: Wolfgang Buescher (DL4YHF)
Last modified: 2005-11-11 (ISO-date-format, YYYY-MM-DD)

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