Running Spectrum Lab under Linux / Wine


  1. System Requirements
  2. Installation and directory structure
  3. Setting up the soundcard
  4. Known problems (Linux / WINE - related)

See also: Spectrum Lab's main index ; installation and configuration (on a Windows PC) .

System Requirements (on  a Linux machine)

You will need the following to use "SpecLab" on a Linux machine :

- a relatively fast PC with at least 1 GHz CPU, and an recent Linux installation ( I tested it with Kubuntu V 7.04 in June 2007, using the KDE desktop)
- WINE (which allows to run windows applications under Linux, but "Wine Is Not an Emulator" )
- of course, a soundcard which is supported by your Linux distribution

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Installation and directory structure

Since Spectrum Lab still runs as a native windows program on your Linux machine, you need to install it under WINE as explained further below.
Since SpecLab only uses standard Windows API calls, which are all supported by WINE, you do not need any special windows DLLs / frameworks / etc (the WINE documentation explains why it's sometimes necessary to "borrow" certain files from a windows installation; this is not required to run Spectrum Lab. All the required files are in the Spectrum Lab installer; which is identical for both Win + Wine/Linux).

So let's begin the installation:

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Setting up the soundcard (under Linux / WINE )

To be completed ... under Kubuntu (or other Linux distributions with the KDE shell), use KMIXER.

Besides that, read this chapter, which is focused on the windows audio control panel, but you will find almost the same appearance in most (graphic) soundcard control programs under Linux, too.

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Known problems (when running SpecLab under Linux / WINE)

Invoking the HTML-based help system under Linux

Fortunately, the author of Spectrum Lab said good-bye to Microsoft's proprietary help system (*.hlp) a long time ago. So it's easy to display the help files (with the Spectrum Lab documentation) on any PC now; all it takes is a web browser.

To display pages from the help system automatically, Spectrum Lab tries to invoke the HTML browser (preferrably Firefox, Opera, etc). To the author's suprise, this worked even though SpecLab runs in a windows box (oh, sorry, a WINE box), while the browser is a native Linux application. If it doesn't work, check the browser command line (in SL's main menu: "Help"..."Show last browser command"). When running under Linux/WINE, the browser command begins with "winebrowser", followed by the path + filename + HTML anchor.

If the help system cannot be launched from SpecLab's help system, you can still open the help system manually with your favourite web browser (in fact, if you can read this document you have already found out how ! )

See also: Spectrum Lab's main index

Last modified : 2020-10-23

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