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DK7ZB- Moxons with Aluminium Tubes

The scheme of the Moxons built with Aluminium tubes

The beams are constructed with tapered elements. The taper lengths should be maintained for good results. A tuning is possible by shifting the radiator and the reflector by the same lengths. Stacking of two Moxons is possible, but the mounting of the higher Moxon should be 1 m above but with a rotation of 90. If you mount two Moxons in the same plane you will get a severe detuning of the Moxon with the higher frequency!

The dimensions for the Moxon-Beams

Look for the tapering in the tables below!

The dimensions for the 50-MHz-Band


The 50-MHz-Moxon, built by

 Lutz, DK8UH


Gain = 4,1 dBd         F/B = 30 dB



The 10-m-Moxon built by Brad, VK2QO


The given lengths are from center to center of the directed edges.

I use copper fittings with 12 mm. Coat the edges with a varnish against corrosion!