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The Construction Principles for Duoband-Yagis 2 m/70 cm


An interesting phenomenon is the 3/2-lambda resonance of 2-m-elements on the 70-cm-band. 

A dipole for 2m has a very interesting azimuth pattern on 70cm.

0 dB = 0,85 dBd

Now we add the 70-cm-open-sleeve-element to the 2-m-dipole. The currents change and we have the highest current in the parasitic fed open-sleeve element. With the correct distance we get one feedpoint for two bands, on 70 cm with 50 +/- j 0 Ohm.

Pattern of this construction

0 dB = 4,63 dBd

We can use this open-sleeve-construction as the radiating system in a Yagi for two bands.