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Current Balun 50 Ohm 1:1

This current balun is an ideal solution for feeding antennas with a symmetrical 50-Ohm-impedance like beams or dipoles.

In the shack you should use such a balun for common wave suppression at the end of the antenna coax-cable near the Transceiver.

For 7-50 MHz 2 x 4 turns

For 1,8-50 MHz 2 x 5-6 turns


You can mount the balun in a box with two coax-sockets, or like here with socket and plug connector or with two plug connectors and cable ends.

With Aircell-5 coax or RG58LL the balun handles 1 KW

FT140-43 with 2x5 turns RG188A/U

FT140-43 with 2x5 turns RG316, handles 500 Wtts RF

Test circuit for the effectivity of the balun

R/2 is 25 Ohm. If the balun is not working properly he "sees" the load as 12,5 Ohm (2x25 Ohm parallel) and the result is a bad SWR.

Here the current balun with 2x4 turns has a good barrier effect between input and output.