Current Balun 1:1 Broadband-Balun 1:1  Balun 1:4  Balun 1:1 + 1:4 MTFT-Un-Uns Endfed-Un-Uns 1:64

MTFT-Un-Uns for Random Wires (all with FT240-43)

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Un-Un with a fixed ratio of 1:9 (principle of core transformer)

For this Balun you will find a lot of examples for antennas in the web. Used for random wires and

built-in ATUs in the Transceivers. In most cases the ATU will tune the antenna.

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Un-Un with  ratios of 1:4, 1:9 or 1:16

In some cases other ratios are better and have less losses.

With this Un-Un you can find out the best ratio.

Here with a test resistor for proving the impedance.


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Switchable MTFT

Here a simpler Un-Un with fixed taps

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For example the SWR with a 20-m-Longwire at 5 turns of the MTFT

The built-in-ATUs of TS-480, TS-590S and IC-7400 have no problem to tune this wire from 7-28 MHz in all bands.