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Op. Niko  /ex. LZ2DJ/

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  DJ0GB is Member
    of   DARC.
   /German Amateur
    Radio Club/

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This is my actual QSL card !

Hi! Best greetings! My name is Niko Awramow and I was born in Tirnovo/ Bulgaria. I began my  Radio amateuer  hobby on the club station  LZ2KBA in 1960. A few  years later I received my class "B" license and in 1965, as team operator of the club station  LZ2KBA  we won  first place in the"CW-LZ contest" in Bulgaria. According to the contest  rules  I  was awarded the title "MASTER OF THE RADIO AMATEUR SPORT" in Bulgaria In 1968  I completed my Radio Technical   College Education. I  received  my first call (LZ2DJ)  and immediately  began building my own  transceiver for SSB and CW. In  1972  I advanced to class"A" (the highest HAM class in Bulgaria). During this same year  I married my lovely wife in Leipzig (ex GDR). I changed  my QTH  to ex. East Germany  with my home-made transceiver  where I have lived since 1972.  I continued to use  my home-made transceiver   for the next  17 years  with my first German-Call  DM9BJM changing  later to Y29JM. In 1988  I moved to Nurnberg  with my family, where I live till now and  currently operate with the call  DJ0GB. Now I`am using an FT-767 GX transceiver with FB-4 antenna and have earned  22 Diplomas (including 2 WAC) on  CW and SSB. I`am working also on EchoLink over the Internet. My other interests are Computer -Webdesign  and foreign languaqes. I doing webdesign for little or middle firms in Germany and speak  fluent English, German, Russian, Bulgarian - preferably  making QSO`s with  DX-Stations  on  one of thes languages. 

  Many 73 and best  DX  from                 
  Nurnberg, Germany      
  Niko, DJ0GB