Thomas Martin, DF7TV, Stuttgart, Germany.

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Elecraft K2 Transceiver

I agree that kit building is not real home-brew but building Elecraft kits is good for my soul :)
This K2 is the fourth unit I built.

K2 After Assembly

K2 after assembly Alignment and Test, Part 3: Passed on August 29, 2004.
Options K160RX, KAF2 and KNB2 added -- September 2, 2004.
Had a first QSO with 9A2SG on September 3, 2004 and a first DX-QSO with N3DRK on September 4, 2004;
both QSOs on the 40m band and using the vertical antenna at DK0SU.
Worked SU9BN (Egypt) from home using my indoor wire antenna on September 11, 2004 on the 40m band (very early in the morning).
Automatic Tuner Option KAT2 added -- September 21, 2004.
KIO2 AUX I/O Module (RS-232 Interface) added -- October 24, 2004.
KSB2 SSB Adapter added -- April 1, 2005.
First QSO in PSK31 with Sergej, UA3IAJ on April 17, 2005 on the 20m band using the K2 connected via a BUXCOMM ISO kit to my notebook.
June 16, 2005: KSB2 modified microphone sensitivity (R14=5k6), compression ratios modified according to DF7KHK (1, 3, 6, 9).

KPA100 and KAT100 integrated in a single EC2 case (same size/shape as the K2 case)

KPA/KAT100 The assembled "KPA/KAT100" -- 100 Watts output power from the 160m band to the 10m band for the K2. Thanks go to Lyle, KK7P who shows how the amplifier KPA100 and the automatic matching network KAT100 may be integrated into a single EC2 case [see].