Thomas Martin, DF7TV, Stuttgart, Germany.

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AA-908 (Micro908) -- Antenna Analyst of the AmQRP at DF7TV

This flexible instrument (no longer available) helped me a lot in antenna experiments during holidays on the Island of Madeira, in France and at home. My AA-908 is powered by a pack of 8 NiMH cells, each having a capacity of 2300 mAh (size AA, by Sanyo). This is the same cell type as I use it for my KX1 transceiver (external pack of 8 or 10 cells) and thus I can use the same charger (Ansmann traveller ACS110 -- able to charge packs of 1 to 10 cells in series). AmQRP AA-908 kit, assembled
Here you see the SCILAB-plot of the measurement of a resonant circuit (parallel) loaded by a 50 Ohm resistor. Shown is the input-SWR (Data from AA-908) versus frequency in kHz. AmQRP AA-908 kit, SCILAB graph