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All "Down Easters" have experienced, on some level, what happens when the Internet, the local cell phone towers, and the power grid goes down.  It is almost impossible to connect with others in case of an emergency when hurricanes landfall on North Carolina's Crystal Coast.  But there are amateur radio operators across North Carolina and beyond who are ready to step in when our “modern” forms of communication fail.  The idea of communicating with other amateur radio operators across the country and around the world is appealing to many hams.  It’s like having a pen pal, but there’s no wait time for a return letter, and it doesn’t require postage.

Many hams see their hobby as a serious commitment to serving others.  Since you can set up a ham radio operation just about anywhere, and they are relatively portable, they are one of the best ways for information to be disseminated when “modern” communication fail due to some major disaster event.  Amateur radio operators can step in to assist with emergency communication efforts as well as to support public service and relief agencies providing help to those affected.  If you’re interested in joining the network of amateur radio operators in your area, the first step is obtain an amateur radio license from the Federal Communications Commission.  Contact the  amateur radio club in your area, and they can help you get started with study materials and exam information.  Jump in! Find a mentor, get ready for an amateur radio test.  It's not a difficult or expensive test and Morse code is no longer required!