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In 1991 Carl Richardson (KB5FJX) an Amateur Radio operator in West Memphis Arkansas was tired of the constant bickering and non-cooperation within and between the Amateur Radio clubs in the Memphis and West Memphis area. Carl had three friends that where also members of these clubs, and they had many of the same feelings. Carl got with these friends John Ed Farris (N5VJZ), Phillip Farris (AB5BC) and Gregg Boss (KI5XV) and decided that the only way they where going to have fun with Amateur radio was to start there own group and do the things they wanted to do in Amateur Radio. They welcomed everyone that wanted to join them, and as time passed they became the Driven Elements Amateur Radio Group. As you can see from the other pages of this web-site, we have had a lot of fun in the past and have helped in a lot of emergency and non-emergency events. Over the years the DEARG has had it's ups and downs but our ideas have stayed the same, the ideas that Amateur Radio is a hobby, and it should be fun. The Driven Elements is not an Amateur Radio "CLUB" We feel that there is already enough politics in this world as it is, and we do not want it effecting our interest and enjoyment of our hobby.


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