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TowerMadison, WI - 146.340 / 146.940 Mhz Repeater 

MADISON - Central Wisconsin Repeater Association is an amateur radio club that owns and operates two separate 2 Meter FM repeater systems.

Our 2nd system is located on the west side of Dane County, Wisconsin. The operating output frequency for this system is 146.940 Mhz. The input frequency is: 146.340 Mhz.

This repeater system serves Dane County and most of south-central Wisconsin.

The west side of Dane County is high ground. The 94 repeater is co-located on a county owned tower facility with other businesses.

The 94 repeater is open to anyone who wants to use it. You don't have to be a member of CWRA, but it is good practice to join the club and support CWTA and any repeater system that you use and enjoy.

** The autopatch on the .94 repeater was been disabled due to the lack of use.

There is an auto-patch on the .94 repeater. The up code is *1. The down code is #1. To use the auto-patch, you must first ID yourself, than state "AUTO-PATCH". By doing this, you anoumce to any listeners you are about to place an auto-patch and they should please stand by until you are done. Dial the up code, unkey and listen for a dial tone. After hearing the dial tone, enter the number you wish to reach. You can only dial "local" numbers the the auto-patch. After you are done with you call, enter the down code. Listen for the repeater to drop, and state "CLEAR AUTO-PATCH". Please keep your call short. By using the auto-patch, you are tieing up the entire system. There may be others who want to use the repeater too.

The .94 repeater is used by many clubs and organizations. Due to its good coverage, .94 is a good choice for your next public service event.

The Madison .94 repeater. Give it a try... You might be surprised to find how well it works!

WeatherWhenever there is a chance for severe weather, local Skywarn volunteers are called into action. They report areas of bad weather directly to the national weather service. There is usually a Skywarn volunteer stationed at the weather service office in Sullivan, WI interfacing with the radio amatures in the field. This makes for an effective severe weather network.

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