Increasing contest score through accuracy

Accuracy is one of the most important aspects of contesting today.
The operator skill in copying callsigns will have a profund impact in the final score. The level of log cross checking is higher than ever (around 60%). My advice is - if you are not absolutly sure about a callsign, don't log it, ask for a confirmation - if this is not your practice, the probability of being cross checked as a not in log and the probability of being marked as a bad callsign is very high.

For each not in log or bad callsigns, contact point and multiplier credit is denied. In addition, a point penalty of 3 times the claimed contact point value is computed, i.e. you loose the QSO plus the equivalent in points of 3 more QSO's.

The CQWW generates a UBN (uniques, bad and not in log) report to every entrant in the contest.
Click here for a guide to CQWW DX-Contest UBN and NIL reports.

In 2003 I won the SOAB category and broke the SA record and the all time CW SOAB QSO record. The result of log checking by the Contest Committee was the following:

Band QSOs Cross Checked Bad Callsigns Not in Log Callsigns Multipliers Lost
160 344 219 0 1 1
80 715 503 7 3 2
40 1713 989 22 8 1
20 1437 851 11 7 0
15 1819 1078 19 6 0
10 1910 1077 17 9 0
Total 7938 4717 76 34 4
    59,4% 1,0% 0,4%  

This the final result of my accuracy and the impact of log checking in my score:

  Points QSOs Zones Countries
Claimed result 16,981,342 7938 169 550
Final result 15,943,070 7828 169 546
  -6,1% -1,4%    

Click here for P40E 2003 UBN report.
Remember - if not sure, don't log a callsign, ask for a confirmation.

CT1BOH - Josť Carlos Cardoso Nunes - [email protected]