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2000 FO0AAA Clipperton Island DXpedition Log Search

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If you are in a different call area than your callsign indicates, try adding a portable identifier (ie: W6XXX and W6XXX/2, JA1AAA and JA1AAA/7, etc.).

If you were operating portable, try adding the country identifier at both the front and end of your call (ie: W1XXX/KH6 and KH6/W1XXX).

If you were operating QRP, try adding /QRP (ie: W6XXX and W6XXX/QRP).

If you were operating mobile, try adding /M (ie: W6XXX and W6XXX/M).


FO0AAA Band/Mode Breakdown

160m 381 1619 0
80m 2616 2301 0
40m 2811 4372 0
30m 0 3508 0
20m 7512 4899 798
17m 4726 3162 0
15m 6524 5152 727
12m 3900 4744 0
10m 8018 5882 1302
6m 119 20 0
Sat 3 8 0
  36610 35667 2827


1992 FO0CI Clipperton Island DXpedition  Log Search

You can search through the logs of the 1992 FO0CI DXpedition below.  Note that the logs were originally on paper and transcribed to the computer, so there may be errors.


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