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CE0ZY - German DXpedition 2000
Juan Fernandez Islands - Isla Robinson Crusoe
Feb 17 to Feb 29, 2000
CE0ZY Online Log
Please go to www.dxhf.darc.de/dxlog/CE0ZY/form_i.html to check your QSOs in the CE0ZY Online Log.
April 25, 2000
Listen to the sound of CE0ZY on 160 and 80m.

April 17, 2000
The QSLs are back from the printer and mailing has begun.


April 7, 2000
Picture of the CE0ZY crew added to the front page.

The Finnish team on CE0Z (OH2MXS, OH2NSM, OH3JF) is still very active. Click here to see their website.

March 2, 2000, 11:00z
The team has arrived well in Santiago and will have some "holiday" now. A band QSO breakdown by continents added to the QSO Statistics.

March 1, 2000, 12:00z
The logs are complete now. 21,024 QSOs were made (without duplicates). See the QSO Statistics below. We also had some 3,300 accesses to the CE0ZY webpage in the last seven days which is an enormous number.

Propagation was definitly in favor of the high bands. Sorry to all those who couldn't make it on 160m and 80m - the QRN level was S9+20 at times which made it extremly difficult to dig out complete callsigns. But we hope you enjoyed working CE0ZY and the online service here and will see you from another spot next year.

Stop by again in a few weeks when we put some pictures of the DXpedition on this site.

Feb 29, 2000, 13:00z
The show is over! Last QSO at 10:54z this morning. We hope you could work a new country or a new band or a new mode. We wish the team a safe trip back home. Thanks very much for all the nice comments in the Guestbook! They are appreciated!

Last logs fragments will be here in a few days as well as other news and QSO statistics.

Another DXpedition with Finish operators will go to CE0Z in a few days. So, if you missed CE0ZY somewhere, you'll get another chance.

Feb 28, 2000, 10:00z
The 20,000 QSO mark has been reached. The high bands work very well, the pileups don't stop. 160m was almost dead at a A-value of 21. 80m was very difficult as well and only loud stations could be copied. Sorry for those who couldn't be heard but the QRN level is S9+20 at times. Best time at sunrise yet when the noise level suddenly drops.

There is only one more night to go and more efforts will be made for 160. If the band is dead, 80, 40 and 30m - as usual. Monday afternoon (today) again RTTY on 10 and 15m. One station and three antennas will be dismantled on Monday, the other station - including the lowband vertical on the beach - will continue operation.

Operation will end on Tuesday, Feb 29, 11:00z.. The logs of the last 30 hours of operation will be available here when the team returns to Santiago. And finally, hello to everyone, the temperature is 25C. Not to forget... the food is good and extensive! ;-)

Feb 26, 2000, 11:00z
New log updates keep on rolling in again after some transfer improvements. Some 15,500 QSOs so far. 378 Topband QSOs. See some pictures of the team after their arrival in Santiago de Chile where they were welcomed by the CE DX Group. We would like to thank very much all CE3's who were involved making this DXpedition possible!

Feb 25, 2000, 13:00z
New log and news update just arrived. All the equipment and antennas are working fine. Power line voltage is available 24 hours a day but it is very weak. So, the amplifiers can be run only with 300W. One of the best bands is 30m, even to Japan, despite the fact that 800m high mountains block this path right at the CE0ZY location. Only the path to the East and Northeast is open.

160m: Only a few QSOs on 160m yesterday - the QRN level is very high. Daily 160m operation beginning at 03z on 1832. The band closes usually at 05z, sometimes at 07z. Later, at 10:15z QSY to 1833 and QRV for Japan until sunrise. Best reception at sunrise. Band closes at about 11z.
CE0ZY will probably transmit on 1801.5 during the CQWW 160m SSB Contest this weekend. So, check this frequency also.

Feb 25, 2000, 10:00z
Sorry, no new log updates. The team transfers the logs via a Pactor/Internet gateway because they have no Internet access there. When I talked to them yesterday, they said they are having problems to connect the gateway. We are working on this.

Everything else is working fine, the pileups don't stop and the team is in a good mood.
Lowband conditions weren't good last night but there are still four more days to go. Good luck!

Feb 24, 2000
11,000 QSOs in the log. This is primarily a CW and RTTY DXpedition. There is a chance for some SSB operation at the end of the DXpedition. Thanks for all the nice Guestbook Entries! Please keep on writing your comments. No log updates today, sorry.

Feb 23, 2000
Loud 80m signals last night and lots of Europeans made it into the log. Only a few 160m chances for Europe so far. Very short openings there.

Feb 22, 2000
Everything is running very well. The QSO rates are increasing, also on 160. Care has to be taken of the antennas due to very strong winds. The log updates come in daily now, also the first RTTY logs.

Feb 21, 2000
The log updates come in fairly well. Bad 160m condx for Europe last night. 80 just a little better. Good signals strengths on 40.

Feb 20, 2000
Most antennas are up. The power line voltage is a little "thin". It was difficult to find clear frequencies in the ARRL contest.

Feb 19, 2000
CE0ZY will be active in the ARRL DX Contest CW this weekend with station #1. Europe, mainly on the WARC bands, with station #2. No logs arrived yet. First couple of Europeans worked on 160 (OH's).

Feb 18, 2000
CE0ZY is on the air! First QSO at 02:18z.

Feb 10, 2000
Everything is on schedule.
CE0ZY Website launched today.
News updated by Bernd Koch, DF3CB.
CE0ZY Statistics

CE0ZY 160m 80m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m  
CW 453 803 2350 2749 3051 2746 2428 2868 3575 21023
RTTY 0 0 0 0 647 0 219 0 333 1199
PSK31 0 0 0 0 26 0 0 0 0 26
SSB 1 12 4 0 0 0 0 1 1 19
       454      815     2354     2749     3724     2746     2647     2869     3909     22267

                              Continent Statistics - CW
                 160   80   40   30   20   17   15   12   10    ALL  percent
North America    356  218  666  437  901 1387  763  774  573   6075     28.9
South America     25   35   81   51   99   91  130   98  134    744      3.5
Europe            33  440 1027 1279 1169  671 1275 1798 2785  10477     49.8
Asia              28   95  523  933  838  556  233  178   60   3444     16.4
Africa             2    1    9   15    9   19   18   15   17    105      0.5
Oceania            9   13   44   35   33   21    6    4    1    166      0.8