"Republic of Bulgaria" Award


For this award QSO/SWL after 1 Jan.1965 are valid. For applicants from Europe 5 QSO/SWL with LZ1/LZ3/LZ5/LZ7 and 5 QSO/SWL with LZ2/LZ4/LZ6 on 3.5 and 7 MHz each (total of 20) are required. For applicants outside Europe 10 QSO/ WL with LZ1/LZ3/LZ5/LZ7 and 10 QSO/SWL with LZ2/LZ4/LZ6 are required, irrespective of the band.

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Worked 28 zone ITU Award
Black Sea Award
Sofia Award
Worked 100 LZ Award
5 Band LZ Award

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