This list does not claim to be exhaustive, and is intended only to give the details of as many Kenya licensed amateurs as possible.  Some licenses may not have been renewed but are still included and their original validity is not in question.

Please note that the RSK is not normally able to handle QSL cards for non-members but will help if at all possible. 

Update in process

CALL   NAME                      ADDRESS                 

5Z4B              ARSK Beacon                   c/o 5Z4DE, Nairobi

5Z4BK            HARDERS, J. B. C.         Kalckreuthweg 17, D-22607, Hamburg, GERMANY      

5Z4BS            ATWOOD, W.G.          P.O. Box 40502, NAIROBI - 00100        

5Z4BU            CHEGE, G. P.                    P.O. Box 42, MARALAL - 20600    


5Z4BV           KAMWETI, G.M.             P.O. Box 25310, NAIROBI 00603

5Z4CO           KAGOTHO, A.                  P.O. Box   P.O. Box 39424, NAIROBI -  00623       

5Z4DE           GARDNER, D.                   P.O. Box 20025, City Square, NAIROBI 00200.

5Z4DX           GAST, F. S.                        Eskifirdi, 0735 Eskifjördur, ICELAND.             

5Z4EJ            RUNE, P.                           P.O. Box 95516, Mkomani, MOMBASA - 80106


5Z4GON        SIBOE, P.                          P.O. Box 73946, NAIROBI          

5Z4HT           SHNEIDER, M. B.             Hornungstr. 14, D-90431 Nuernberg, GERMANY

5Z4HP           PATEL, H.                          P.O. Box 48834, NAIROBI            

5Z4HW         PRESCH, S.                        Wilhelmsmühlenweg 123, 12621 Berlin, GERMANY
5Z4HX         AUFRECHT W.                  P. O. Box 15566, Mbagathi - 00503 


5Z4JC           CASSAR, Bro. John         Catholic Mission, P.O. Box 401, GARISSA - 70100 

5Z4JW          ROWE, J. P .W.                 P.O. Box 379, VILLAGE MARKET - 00621      

5Z4JX           WEBSTER, J. W.              11780 Valiant St, Riverside, California 92505, USA      (N6JW)

5Z4LA          KEMP,  S. J.                        c/o ILRI, P.O. Box 30709, NAIROBI -  00100  

5Z4LS           HENWOOD, P.N.             Conifers House, Church Rd., Canterbury, Kent CT3 1UA, UK                                             


5Z4MO         ONTRUP, W.                    P.O. Box 628, KAPSABET - 30300

5Z4MR         RAICHA, M                     P.O. Box 1641, KISUMU - 40100         

5Z4NU         ALLEYNE, E. H. M.         P.O. Box 15056, LANGATA - 00509    

5Z4OK         WANYAMA, B. O. K.      P.O. Box P.O. Box 47985, NAIROBI 

5Z4PL          LUTZ, P.                             P.O. Box 250, VILLAGE MARKET - 00621


5Z4PV         VLAAR, T. P                     c/o Roel Germanus, Groot Bygaardenlaan 99, 5628 VT, Eindhoven, Netherlands 

5Z4RS         ARSK CLUB STN.            P.O. Box 45681, NAIROBI - 00100                    

5Z4SS           MIYAZAKI, K.                 P.O. Box 3 Otaki Chiba, 298-0204 JAPAN   (Left Kenya)
5Z4TFN        WALIUBA, B. M.             P.O. Box 75393, NAIROBI 00200

5Z4ZC          de BLOIS, Dr. K.F.             Box 30439, Nairobi.  Netherlands address: Valeriaan 23, 2811 RJ Reeuwijk, Netherlands.


5Z4ZK          LYNCH, D. F.                   1517 Little Neck Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23452, USA

5Z5EXP        CLUB STN,                       LOYENGELANI,  c/o 5Z4WD (Lake Turkana)  (NB - 5Z5, NOT 5Z4)

5Z4/LA9PF   de  SAVINGY, C.            P.O. Box 5642, MALINDI, 80200   (Pending issue of a Kenya call.) 

5Z4/M0LEP Sir R. HEWETT               P.O. Box 15231, LANGATA 00509


N.B.  Calls with a three letter suffix ending in “N” are Novices.

Visitor's information may not be fully accurate.


About 50 Novice license have been issued but only the known active ones are shown.              


This list is as accurate as we can make it, but we are not always aware of new or cancelled calls.



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