Inside VE3DRY Repeater



The Link Communications RLC-3 Controller was upgraded in October 2001, the VHF repeater radio was installed in August 2001 and the UHF links were upgraded in January 2005.

Our VHF repeater is a Motorola MSR-2000 , 100 watt continuous duty putting out 75 watts to the antenna trough a  6 cavity Sinclair Q201G VHF duplexer. The VHF receiver pre-amp is an Advanced Receiver Research (P144VDG). 

The 110km West link to Sioux Narrows now consist of a GE Mastr II UHF, 100 watt continuous duty radio, a Sinclair Q3220 duplexer and an Advanced Receiver Research P432VDG pre-amp. The 65km East link to Sioux Lookout consists of a GE Exec II, 20 watt rack mount radio and a 6 cavity Sinclair MR-356 duplexer.


This is what the racks look like mounted beside each other.


In the fall of 2017, we installed a 2.4GHz wireless internet link to the site & was able to add Link 3, to VE3RIB, Atikokan on IRLP. Much too far for a UHF link.

It consists of an Raspberry Pi computer with an IRLP Ver 3.0 board mounted on lid of Pi, USB soundcard mounted inside Pi case.

It is connected to Port 4 of VE3DRY's Link-Comm RLC-3 controller.




Here is looking from outside the shack.



Old Repeater

Our old equipment consisted of a Palomar RBC-700 controller, an ACC RC-85 controller, 60 watt Motorola Micor VHF mobile transmitter, a Motorola Mocom VHF mobile receiver and a 6 cavity Sinclair Q201G VHF duplexer. The UHF link equipment were GE Royal Imperial 30 watt mobile radios with a 6 cavity Sinclair MR-356 duplexer and Advanced Receiver Research P432VDG pre-amps.

 On the local VE3DRY repeater we were running the ACC RC-85 controller, which was tied into the Palomar RBC-700 controller for the link radios. Now we are using one Link Communications RLC-3 to do the job of both. Capable of up to 8 radios, it also has an autopatch, digital voice recorder for club announcements and signal test, and an Input/Output card for running many features remotely at the site. It is equipped with temperature sensors, security alarm, wind speed and direction.