AK5Z Repeater
Harlingen, Texas
"Serving Amateur Radio Families and the Community"
UHF 443.600(+)  CTCSS 114.8Hz
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     The AK5Z UHF repeater is a privately owned Harlingen, Texas area repeater supporting the Amateur Radio community of Harlingen, Texas. The owner of the repeater works with other local amateur radio operators in the Rio Grande Valley who are a part of the Association who donate their time and labor to ensure the continued operation of the repeater.  The owner does not accept monetary donations but has designated the repeater as an "open" repeater that may be used at any time by any licensed amateur radio operator subject to the basic rules of the organization that have been established as authorized by FCC Rule 97.205 (e).  Repeater users are expected to abide by the applicable FCC Rules and Regulations.  The AK5Z repeater requires a CTCSS access tone of 114.8 Hz.

    There is no charge or fees for use of the repeater, however, AK5Z will accept labor, technical help, equipment, advice and recommendations relevant to the repeater.

     The "personality" of the repeater is that it is a "family" oriented repeater for HAMS of all ages. As a family oriented hobby, it is anticipated that users will extend the respect and courtesy that is expected of all HAMS to each other.

     There are only three basic requests of users of the AK5Z repeater: (1) Abide by the FCC Rules and Regulations, (2) Give your call sign at the beginning of each QSO [sometime before you "unkey" the mike the first time you transmit in a QSO] as well as at least at 10 minute intervals and at the end of the QSO, (3) Have fun, be courteous and provide public service as needed.

     The repeater's antenna is located at the 400 feet level on a commercial tower in Harlingen, Texas. It is equipped with emergency power in the event of a commercial power failure and is available by prior arrangement and scheduling as an emergency repeater by the City of Harlingen EOC, ARES, RACES or any other organization in the event of any Rio Grande Valley emergency, crisis or disaster situation.  The repeater is also available for general usage by all amateur radio operators.  The License Trustee and owner of the repeater is John F. Teer, Amateur Radio Operator AK5Z.

  To view photographs of the repeater and repeater site, click HERE.


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